Performance Paddle Board Rentals

We don't just make and sell custom boards, we also rent them. We are not your average paddle board rental. Our boards are high performance boards that are all handcrafted in the USA. This guarantees that you are getting yourself on a board that's built with quality in mind. We offer many different options for all skill levels in the Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach area. Our boards are great for beginners looking to up their game, or for more advanced paddlers looking to test their skills. If you're on vacation and didn't bring your board, we've got you. Or maybe you're looking to purchase a new board, but want to test the ride before going for it. We even have boards that are utilitarian and great for fishing and clamming. Whatever your need is, we've got it. Reserve a board and get ready for some fun!



Race Board / Performance Board (Blunt Needle and Albatross): $85 - Full Day Rental  $185 - 3 Day Rental

Touring board (Buxton and Wrightsville): $70 - Full Day Rental  $165 - 3 Day Rental

Paddle Bateau: $195 Half Day (4 Hours)  $250 Full Day 

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The Needle

Do you feel the need for speed? We hope so! We offer the fastest boards on the water. So, if you need a good workout and speed is your goal, we've got you covered. This is the board that has won awards in competitions!

The Needle is great for beginners looking to advance their skills and it's also the board we recommend for the more advanced paddler. It's designed to keep you on the cutting edge of performance. This board is great in flat water and stable for ocean paddles.


The Albatross

If you're looking for a board to take in the surf or glide through the flat water, the Albatross would be our pick. It's designed as a scaled-up big wave gun, but not made for just surfing.

This performance hybrid model, designed for downwinding or finding and riding any bump in the ocean, or just gliding on big open water breakers. It's fun to cruise through the backwaters or for catching waves.


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buxton surf sup board

The Buxton

The Buxton Surf SUP board is a board the whole family can enjoy, it does it all and does it well. A full outline and flat bottom make for stability while the fluid rocker and pulled in tail make for great surfing. Take the kids and the dog for a cruise then paddle out and enjoy a few waves solo. This board also provides a solid platform for fishing.


The Wrightsville

The Wrightsville Custom Paddle Board is a great paddle board for the beginner just looking to cruise and tour the back waters, as well as more advanced paddlers looking for a great utilitarian type of design. It is a super versatile board with a displacement nose and a flat bottom for stability. This is also a great board to load up with gear and go camping or fishing.


Wrightsville Custom Paddle Board

The Paddle Bateau

If you are an experienced paddler, and interested in trying the ultimate fishing vessel. Call us to discuss the potential of renting the 16' paddle Bateau.  The Bateau is guaranteed to provide a day of entertainment and lots of looks out on the water!  And who knows, you may even catch a fish or two!


$195 - Half Day (4 Hours)

$250 - Full Day

Call 910-769-8198 or email to reserve your rental today!

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