Wax, The Sticky Preference

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By far the cheapest, and one of the most important tools to surfing, surf wax has been used for almost 8 decades to keep the feet of surfers on their boards.   From the concept discovery by Alfred Gallant Jr. in 1935, surf wax has been transformed and refined to the wax bars we now have in our truck beds, board bags, and trunks.

Surfers use surf wax for the same purpose across the board (no pun intended); however, the way it is used can surely make a world of difference.  From long boarders to short boarders, you can find a different waxed area between each person.  Some wax rails, others wax step zones, and then, you get those that wax their entire board, long or short. Applying the “sticky stuff” itself, is an art of its own.  From criss-cross base coats to circular patterns and random applications, it somehow all makes a difference to keeping your feet on the board.

Understandingly, every surfer can justify the weird use of his or her wax, but the bottom line is that it works.  Now, for the difficult part; what wax reigns supreme?

Walking into a random shop on a Tuesday afternoon you can find: Sticky Bumps, Mr. Zogs Sex Wax, Mrs. Palmers, Famous Wax, and even Bubble Gum Wax. All of which are waxes that have been tried, tested, and proven. But, unfortunately, even with this huge selection there is no defiant answer to who has the better wax (hope it wasn’t a let down).  Some may be more popular than others but they all provide ”stickiness” we desire; ultimately it’s the surfer’s preference.

Personally Sticky Bumps is my favorite.  From cold water to warm, it keeps me on my board when I need it to most. Also, I am a criss-cross kind of guy, no wax circles for me.

So for now we’ll leave it at that.  What you use, and how you wax up, is a complete preference. It all comes down to what keeps your nostrils happy and your feet on your board.

What’s your wax brand and how do you lay it down?



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