Team up for a Paddle Boarding coastal clean up!

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Paddle Boarding coastal clean up

Paddle Boarding Coastal Clean Up


We love seeing news like the story in the link below. A company whose success depends on the quality of our oceans, beaches, and weaves, Brent Allen Outdoors, working closing with the organization on the forefront of the ocean conservation battle, Surfrider Foundation. After a few training sessions, a group of paddlers headed into the kelp beds of Point Lobos state park in California with paddles in hand and trash receptacles on board to pick out anything that did not belong in nature. The sport of paddle boarding is expanding rapidly and changing many peoples live. The paddle boarding coastal clean up introduces an unparalleled connection with nature that so many new paddlers had not experienced before. For all of us who are ocean conservationist, its makes the inland waterway clean ups a lot more fun too!

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