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Best Surfboard For Beginners

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Got the surfing bug? So you caught your first wave and you are stoked on surfing!  Or maybe you just stumbled across a surf mag laying around a friends house and you just couldn’t pry your eyes from the pages. However it happened for you, you’ve been bitten by the bug, and like most who’ve… Read more »

Is Your Surfboard Right For You?

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Is Your Surfboard Right For You?   When you take a second to look at your board, what do you think about it? Do you think its a cool shape that rides well for you.. ..or.. do you think that its a master crafted extension of your creative mind? Did you grab it off the… Read more »

Hurricane Season!

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Yes…it is the most wonderful time of the year! Hurricane season is quickly approaching and we are starting to get a taste for bigger swell here on the East Coast. Check out the latest boards by Ian Balding Paddle & Surf or on Facebook! We are ready…are you?

#3 Hobie Alter

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Another man on the fiberglass-and-foam surfboard building forefront is Hobie Alter, our #3 on the list of most well-known and influential surfboard shapers. Hobie was born and raised in Ontario, California and like others at the time, started shaping balsa wood surfboards in the early 1950’s. Once his parents grew tired of their front yard… Read more »

#5 Simon Anderson

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Simon Anderson has earned the number five spot on the most well-known and influential surfboard shapers list for his contributions to surfboard designs by creating the “thruster,” the first three-fin design in 1980. Simon was born and raised on the Northern beaches of Sydney and prior to shaping Simon was busy putting all his efforts… Read more »

#7 Steve Lis

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    Steve Lis has earned the spot of #7 on our most influential and well-known surfboard shapers list for his famous design, the fish. In 1967, in San Diego, California, Steve designed a 5’4″ blunt-nosed kneeboard in his garage. The board had a flat rocker and a split tail with twin fins. With fast… Read more »

#8 Mike Diffenderfer

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The 8th spot on the list of the most well-known and influential surfboard shapers goes to Mike Diffenderfer, aka The Diff, a North Shore pioneer. Mike shaped his first board in 1951 out of balsa wood. Showing a raw talent in wood board building, The Diff became known as one of the finest craftsmen in… Read more »

#9 The Campbell Brothers

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  The Campbell Brothers are famous for the “Bonzer” design in 1970, the first tri-fin board. The design had a long shallow, heavily canted fin set, opposed to what is now the traditional tri fin. They collaborated with Bing surfboards for a production run for a brief time through the early 70’s but were buried… Read more »

Check it out…

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Check out here what is currently going on in the shop here> IB Paddle & Surf Video. We are busy making everything from custom surfboards, race paddle boards, to hand planes. Follow us on Instagram @ianbalding as well as on Twitter @IB_SUP_Surf to stay updated on everytihng happening with Ian Balding Paddle & Surf…

New Shop!

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Glassing room Cutting blanks out of EPS foam blocks The new shop is officially up and running! With more work and storage space we are hoping to see an increase in production! So check us out at and get your orders in for the spring season! It is right around the corner…