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2017 Carolina Surf Film Festival

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   The 2017 Carolina Surf Film Festival will be held in beautiful Wilmington N.C., October 13-14, at  Watermans Brewing Company. The festival will have something for everyone, including surf films, craft beer,  delicious food, giveaway prizes, music, and more! If you’ve never been to Watermans Brewing Company you’re in for a treat. Watermans Brewing recently opened and is ready… Read more »

Is Your Surfboard Right For You?

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Is Your Surfboard Right For You?   When you take a second to look at your board, what do you think about it? Do you think its a cool shape that rides well for you.. ..or.. do you think that its a master crafted extension of your creative mind? Did you grab it off the… Read more »

Custom Surfboards and Paddelboards

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Do not miss out on the latest designs by Ian Balding Paddle and Surf! Our boards are gaining recognition for the custom craftsmanship and unique design of our “crossover” models that are hitting the waves as surfable SUP boards.  Check out our website for our handcrafted boards.  We can help you in choosing the right… Read more »

#1 George Greenough

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    Finally, our number one most influential and well-known shaper is George Greenough! A living legend and most well-known for revolutionizing the shortboard and for his innovative knee board designs. Greenough grew up in Santa Monica, California and in 1998 he moved to New South Whales, Australia. Although George had been surfing since the… Read more »

#2 Tom Blake

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  Is it too much to say that Tom Blake single handedly  transformed the sport of surfing from an ancient Polynesian practice into a 20th century lifestyle? It may be hard to find someone who does not agree with this statement because Tom Blake met the Duke himself, fell in love with surfing in the… Read more »

#3 Hobie Alter

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Another man on the fiberglass-and-foam surfboard building forefront is Hobie Alter, our #3 on the list of most well-known and influential surfboard shapers. Hobie was born and raised in Ontario, California and like others at the time, started shaping balsa wood surfboards in the early 1950’s. Once his parents grew tired of their front yard… Read more »

#4 Bob Simmons

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  Bob Simmons AKA, The Father of the Modern Surfboard. Simmons is credited for combining the use of a foam core and fiberglass to shape surfboards. He started shaping “new aged ” models in the 1940’s that introduced a faster board by adding concaves, aspect ratios, optimum weight, scoops, and kicked nose design elements. Most… Read more »

#5 Simon Anderson

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Simon Anderson has earned the number five spot on the most well-known and influential surfboard shapers list for his contributions to surfboard designs by creating the “thruster,” the first three-fin design in 1980. Simon was born and raised on the Northern beaches of Sydney and prior to shaping Simon was busy putting all his efforts… Read more »

#8 Mike Diffenderfer

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The 8th spot on the list of the most well-known and influential surfboard shapers goes to Mike Diffenderfer, aka The Diff, a North Shore pioneer. Mike shaped his first board in 1951 out of balsa wood. Showing a raw talent in wood board building, The Diff became known as one of the finest craftsmen in… Read more »

#10 Bob McTavish

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All lines drawn through the short board revolution go back to Bob Mctavish, an Australian born surfer/shaper who’s early “short board” influence came directly from his friendship with George Greenough, a ground breaking knee boarder and Santa Barbaran transplant to Byron Bay. Inspiration from George and feedback from test pilot, and Australia’s best surfer at the… Read more »

Prone Paddle Boarding

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Prone paddle boarding is one of the toughest and most ocean-sensitive paddle sport. You know the feeling of a tough paddle out during a rough swell? Well imagine that, but for miles at a time like most of these prone paddlers do when racing. The sport is more popular on the shores of Hawaii and… Read more »

Hurricane Season Around the Corner

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Are you prepared for hurricane season this year? We all know how stoked East Coast surfer’s get nearing the end of the summer so this year be ready! If this upcoming hurricane season turns out anything like the last you will not want to miss the swell…          

Check it out…

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Check out here what is currently going on in the shop here> IB Paddle & Surf Video. We are busy making everything from custom surfboards, race paddle boards, to hand planes. Follow us on Instagram @ianbalding as well as on Twitter @IB_SUP_Surf to stay updated on everytihng happening with Ian Balding Paddle & Surf…

May Sale!

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MAY SALE!! $200 savings towards your custom SUP order in May, and $100 off your custom Surfboard… It’s springtime people! Are you ready for Summer?! Whether your into surfing, SUP surfing, or SUP racing… It’s time to get your orders in so your ready to get out on the water! Custom surfboards from performance shortboards… Read more »

George Greenough

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This man is incredible…a true pioneer. He does everything! From innovative surf photography, wood working, surfboard designer, boat builder, and overall inventor. He  is a serious waterman with passion for the ocean and when it comes to taking his remarkable skills and applying to the sea the man is a genius! Check out his website… Read more »

Simmons Sea Skiff

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  Traditional Carolina Craftsman… T.N. Simmons took inspiration and master carpentry skills and opened the oceans to small offshore power boats. Unknowingly Simmons originally built the “Sea Skiff” into what was, and still is regarded as one of the most seaworthy small crafts. A traditionalist, he stayed true to his carpentry roots, and shunned modern advancements in fiberglass and mass… Read more »