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Is Your Surfboard Right For You?

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Is Your Surfboard Right For You?   When you take a second to look at your board, what do you think about it? Do you think its a cool shape that rides well for you.. ..or.. do you think that its a master crafted extension of your creative mind? Did you grab it off the… Read more »

Hurricane Season Around the Corner

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Are you prepared for hurricane season this year? We all know how stoked East Coast surfer’s get nearing the end of the summer so this year be ready! If this upcoming hurricane season turns out anything like the last you will not want to miss the swell…          

Chuck Petterson and Water Skiing

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Big wave surfer, stand up paddler, and long time skier, Chuck Patterson has taken the term “water skiing” to a whole new level, better yet he has taken extreme water sports to a new level. Back in 2010 Chuck’s name starting circulating in the SUP and surf world for a video that went viral where… Read more »