Sweetwater Boys Defend the Mid-Atlantic Title

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This past weekend, Kitty Hawk, NC saw eleven of the Mid-Atlantic’s strongest surf shop teams compete in Oakley’s Surf Shop Challenge.  With the sun shining and temperatures in the 70’s, the weather was picture perfect. However, chilly water and an inconsistent 1-3 foot swell made competition for the teams difficult; ultimately, the team with the best strategy would come out on top.

Oakley’s Surf Shop Challenge has a unique structure where teams compete in one hour heats amongst up to 3 other shops. Through out the heat, the top 4 waves of the team will count towards a total; however, one team members score can be counted as a “double whammy,” meaning it will be double counted as a two wave score.

The day brought together teams from Whalebone, SurfCity, WRV, and more, competing for a free trip to the nationals.  The final heat consisted of teams from 17th St., Whalebone, Duck Village Outfitters, and Sweetwater. With small and inconsistent surf, finding the right wave was going to require patience as well as a little luck.  Coming down to the final moments, Sweetwater’s Benny B. pulled out a solid 8 which he “double whammied” by throwing both arms up in the air. With little time for anyone to react, Duck Village’s Jeffery Myers posted a great “double whammy” 7.  Myers’ effort didn’t go unnoticed but fell short of Sweetwater’s total, 28.71.

A great job by all the teams who competed and a special right-on to the boys of the Sweetwater Surf Shop, defending and winning the Mid-Atlantic Title.  They will fly down to to an undisclosed location in South America sometime this coming Fall to compete against 6 other regional winners for the national Surf Shop Challenge Title.


Mid-Atlantic Title Winners

Final Results:
1) Sweetwater Surf Shop 28.71
2) Duck Village Outfitters 26.06
3) 17th Street Surf Shop 14.19
4) Whalebone Surf Shop 10.10

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