River Surfing on a Tuna

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River surfing made possible

River surfing on a Tuna is Each board is for adrenaline junkies! And when surfing river waves, each board could tell its on story.  From the waves it glides on, to the rider, all factors come together to give it character. We build our boards to tell the story you wish, and so you can take it anywhere you find waves. Paul Gauvreau shares his experience with our Tuna model in the video above. Just because there are no oceans near doesn’t mean the board has to rest in the garage. Paul lives by this first hand, as he finds waves in an unsuspecting location. Spring flood levels allow for a steady standing wave to exist for his benefit. Located in Ottawa, a community of surfers just like Paul come together to ride these urban waves that help the riders find their oasis.

If you want to get yourself on one of these Tunas, give it a look. You could be cruising on the waves like him soon!

Ian Balding Tuna Custom Surfboard

Tuna Model

Video Credits to Paul Gauvreau


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