Zen - Ian Balding


Zen Full



  • Werner Performance Adjustable Paddle
  • Stiff, Light, and Elegant Looking Blade
  • A Carbon Shaft


Before even getting to the water you will feel the balance and see the beauty of the Zen 95. Our Premium fiberglass process blends perfection in craftsmanship and materials for a stiff, light, elegant looking blade. Add our new HD Graphics, and now you have a true work of art. Our A carbon shaft helps keep the overall weight down and from our countless hours of testing, a perfect overall flex to the paddle.


Can be ordered  in 85″ or 95″ blade width. One piece can be ordered at a price of $219 in preferred length.


-Length: 70" - 77.5" | 74" - 81.5" | 80" - 87.5"

-Weight: 23.75oz.