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Salt Box Custom Surfboard

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Salt Box Custom Surfboard


The Salt Box custom surfboard is designed to harness the hydrodynamic theory behind Bob Simmons’ boards from the late 50’s and paired with some modern design theories. The parallel rails and wide tail provide more length of water line and smooth release off the tail equaling speed. Paired with a versatile 5 fin set up and deep channel through the already deep concave, this board has unparalleled drive, speed and maneuverability. Designed to catch waves with ease like a fish and perform like a high-performance shortboard. Available in polyurethane/polyester or EPS/Epoxy construction. Custom aesthetics and color work available. Wood veneer options are also available on EPS/Epoxy boards.

Base price: $625(ex. Stringer white foam blank with clear lamination, fin boxes and fins)

Featured board Price: $665.00



  • Single Color Lamination
  • Pin Line on Deck

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-Length: 5' - 7'
-Width: 18" - 23"
-Height: 2 1/8" - 3"

-Rider Limit: 1


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