Mini-Simulator Custom Surfboard by Ian Balding - Surfboard Shaper

Mini-Simulator Custom Surfboard

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Mini-Simulator Custom Surfboard


The Mini-Simulator custom surfboard was built for catching waves with ease, down the line speed and carving turns. Forward displacement blended into a deep single concave, with twin keels or a quad fin setup. Hydrodynamic design performance with lower rocker and more overall volume delivering a user-friendly, forgiving design that still performs. This design can be ridden roughly 6-10″ shorter than your typical shortboard. Available in polyurethane/polyester or EPS/Epoxy construction. Custom aesthetics and color work available. Wood veneer options are also available on EPS/Epoxy boards.

Starting at $645. Please request a quote for more information.

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  • Multi Color resin swirls on deck and bottom
  • Pin Lines on deck and bottom

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-Length: 5' - 8'
-Width: 21" - 23"
-Height: 2.25" - 3"

-Rider Limit: 1


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