Mako SUP Race Board by Ian Balding - Custom SUP Race Board Shaper


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The spawn of our Albatross and Needle models, this board rides open ocean swells just as well as it performs in the back waters. From the stability in the chop to the speed in the flats, this board performs well in all conditions you may find yourself in. The Mako is ultimately somewhat of a hybrid. Born out of numerous customer requests for a board that they can race, with added ocean down-winding attributes. A more rounded, displacement style nose gives the board a very forgiving nature in chop and on waves so you won’t get tossed off by piercing the back of the wave in front of you. Added rocker in both the nose and tail also contributes to the boards overall agility. All of this paired with added volume in the tail allows this board to pick up bumps when down winding with ease. Racers won’t hesitate to enter a race on their Mako either. Even with the added rocker, this board still keeps the bulk of its overall length in the water giving it flatwater speed, and giving you an added edge when the conditions get nasty.  Custom options such as wood veneer, carbon work, graphic and fabric inlays, and color swirls are available. Please reach out to us and we’ll help design the board that is right for you. 

Starting at $2200.00. Please request a quote for more information.

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-Length: 12'6"-14"
-Width: 24'-30"