Log Jam Custom Longboard Surfboard by Ian Balding

Log Jam Custom Longboard Surfboard

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Log Jam Custom Longboard Surfboard


The Log Jam custom longboard surfboard is a traditional longboard designed for catching waves with ease, cross stepping, nose riding, drop knee turning back to the curl, bottom turning and doing all over again! The Log Jam has lower entry rocker, added tail rocker, 50/50 rails all the way through, rail to rail belly, and nose concave making this a nose riding machine. It can be ordered with glass-on or an adjustable box single fin with a squaretail. This board will be your smaller wave riding specialist and a cornerstone of any surfer’s complete quiver. Can be ordered in Polyurethane or EPS/Epoxy. Tons of custom aesthetic options. Wood veneer options are also available on EPS/Epoxy boards.

Base price: $815.00 (ex. Stringer white foam blank with clear lamination and single fin box w/ fin)


  • Dual Color Lamination
  • 4 Pin lines on Bottome
  • Pin Line on Deck

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-Length: 9' - 10'
-Width: 22.5" - 23.5"
-Height: 2.5" - 3.25"

-Rider Limit: 1


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