Hobo Surf UP Board by Ian Balding - Custom Paddle Board Shaper

Hobo Surf SUP Board



The Hobo surf SUP board mirrors its’ smaller surfboard sibling design in that it handles a very wide range of conditions. It is best fit for the upper-intermediate to advanced SUP surfer. This SUP board’s fuller outline coupled with a subtle performance shortboard bottom, modern quad fin set, and adjustable center longboard style fin box provides a super versatile board that can be ridden in any size surf. Most commonly ordered in the 8′-9′ range, it can also be custom ordered to fit smaller surfers, and even built up to 10′ long, as more of a “gun” style board. This board provides the agility of a performance short board while still offering the float needed for easy paddle power. Relaxed rocker and extra volume allows you to order this board a little shorter than your typical surf SUP. Custom aesthetics such as wood veneer, graphic and fabric inlays,  and colored resin swirls are available.

Starting at $1325. Please request a quote for more information.

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  • Carbon tape stringer
  • Vector net deck patch
  • Black pin-line
  • Snow camoflague traction

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-Length: 7'0-9'6"
-Width: 25"-32"