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Evolution Custom Surfboard

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Evolution Custom Surfboard

The Evolution custom surfboard is a modern twist on Wayne Lynch’s 60’s “shortboards”. Make no mistake; this board is built to perform, and to suit your needs from 5’6″- 8′ with modern rockers, bottom contours, and fin sets from Twins and tri-fins, to quads and five fin sets. A deep single concave runs clear though the bottom, with a deep single channel through the fin area providing grip with less drag. Especially when run as a twin or quad. Available in polyurethane/polyester or EPS/Epoxy construction. Custom aesthetics and color work available. Wood veneer options are also available on EPS/Epoxy boards.


Base price: $625 (ex. Stringer white foam blank with clear lamination, fin boxes and fins)



  • Fabric Deck Inlay
  • Pin line on deck

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-Length: 6' - 8'
-Width: 19.5" - 21.5"
-Height: 2.5" - 3"

-Rider Limit: 1


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