Needle SUP Race Board by Ian Balding - Paddle Board Shaper

Blunt Needle SUP Race Board

needle sup race board


The Blunt Needle SUP race board incorporates the bulk of the flatwater design embodied in the Original Needle, but the wide point in the outline is pushed forward towards the center, and more width is distributed forward towards the nose. This redistribution of width adds stability to the board, and ultimately allows the paddler to narrow their boards overall width, which equates to speed. Where no board can out perform the original Needle design in the flatwater, the Blunt Needle finds its edge in choppier surface texture or ocean paddling conditions. The Blunt Needle is designed to be the race board that provides full confidence no matter what conditions are come race day. Available in full carbon fiber and traditional fiberglass constructions with custom options such as wood veneer, carbon work, graphic and fabric inlays, and color swirls. Please reach out to us and we’ll help design the board that is right for you.

12’6 Starting at $2300, 12’6 Carbon Fiber $2740.  Please request a quote for more information.

14′ Starting at $2410, 14′ Carbon Fiber $2900.  Please request a quote for more information.

Contact us today to start building your custom paddle board!


  • Full Kevlar Vector Net on Deck and Bottom of Needle Shown
  • Carbon Stringer Tape on Deck and Bottom
  • Black Pin line on Deck


-Length: 12'6" and 14'
-Width: 24" - 30"
-Height: 4.5" - 5"

-Rider Limit: 1

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