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Blender Surf SUP Board

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“Blender” Surf SUP Board


The Blender Surf SUP Board is a performance surf paddle board built for maneuverability, top to bottom surfing and carving tight turns. The standard bottom double concave and vee plus a versatile 5 fin setup gives this board the drive you are looking for. A dished out deck with a low profile, beveled rails are optional, or just stick with a traditional domed deck. Custom aesthetics, color work and wood veneer options are available. Also, available in color/Kevlar vector net or carbon fiber laminations.

Starting at $1325. Please request a quote for more information.

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  • Full Kevlar Vector Net on Deck and Bottom of Model Shown
  • Single Color Lamination


-Length: 7'0" - 9'6"
-Width: 25" - 32"
-Height: 3.5" - 4.5"

-Rider Limit: 1


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