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Before you can wear this shirt, you need to know what it means to wear “Aloha” and embody the Aloha spirit. Derived from the Polynesian culture, the Hawaiians used this word to portray peace and compassion. The english have come to use it as a way of saying hello and goodbye. In reality, Aloha means so much more than just a greeting. Having the Aloha Spirit is a way of life. It is having the upmost respect for Mother Nature and all she provides from the water, to the land, to the sky. A healthy body comes from a a healthy environment, and there is no greater wealth, than health. It is treating all of those whom one may encounter, as a friend. Those who embody the Aloha Spirit understand their relationship and interconnectedness with the environment and community, and know that a positive contribution, no matter how small, comes from the love within oneself. 

Now back to the shirt…is this design for you? We hope so.

Spread your Aloha Spirit with this light fitting and super soft shirt. Light and dark colors are offered to fit whatever style you are going for.


  • Premium Next level short sleeve shirt
  • Crew cut
  • 60/40 blend of cotton and polyester
  • Super soft
  • machine wash friendly
  • Free shipping to the continental United States


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