Albatross Downwind SUP Board by Ian Balding Board Shaper

Albatross Downwind SUP Board

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Albatross Downwind SUP Board

The Albatross Downwind SUP board is designed as a scaled up big wave gun. Great for downwinding, finding or riding any bump in the ocean or gliding on big open water breakers. It’s also just as fun to paddle on a cruise through the backwaters. The design features double concave with vee through the 2 plus 1 fin set up for control and maneuverability. Available in color/Kevlar vector net or carbon fiber laminations. This board will be made custom for you.

14′ Starting at $2800 . (Board shown has special upgrades) Please request a quote for more information.

Contact us today to start building your custom paddle board!


  • Full Kevlar Vector Net Deck and Bottom Shown In Image
  • Carbon Stringer Tape on Deck and Bottom
  • Dual Color Lamination


-Length: 12" - 14'
-Width: 26" - 30"
-Height: 4.5" - 5.5"

-Rider Limit: 1


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