New Years Surfing Resolution

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2017 is here and you’re either back at work or in school, or both. Hopefully you’ve taken the time to come up with an achievable new years resolution. If your resolution includes surfing or paddling more, we would like to help you with that goal!!

For us, each new year brings us new ideas of designs to build, and new materials to work with. Follow us through this year as we bring you more options of everything, most notably veneer and carbon fiber options. If you have a crazy idea about what you envision your next board to look like, come talk to us! We are always up to the challenge and love to talk about the wild ideas that our friends have for custom board design. From paipo boards to olos and surfboard to SUP racers, we love to build it all.

Come talk to us about what you were day dreaming about last week when you should have been paying attention to something else:)

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