A Long Distance Paddleboard Adventure Down the Ottawa River

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Adventure with a twist

No distance is too far for Paul Gauvreau, who ventured on a long distance paddleboard journey of 800 miles over the course of 42 days. Paul conquered the entire Ottawa River with his paddleboard, all the supplies needed, and a hunger for adventure. Paul’s family had a history of venturing the Ottawa River, and he wanted to continue the tradition.  Paul’s grandfather worked along the river in the logging camps.  He told stories of finding a place where the fish were abundant, and the moose and bears ruled the forest. After hearing his grandfather’s stories, Paul decided he wanted to live the adventure, but with a twist…on a SUP.

The paddleboard  journey

The mighty Ottawa River (1271 km, 790 miles, 14 hydro electric dams, over 60 rapids and waterfalls, 45+ portages), a  tent, dry foods, survival kit and stand up paddleboard was all Paul needed for his adventure. No hotels or hot showers, only the great outdoors. The journey started on July 11, 2017. Paul’s nearly 16 year old son joined him for the first 200 miles of the journey. A great bonding experience. Solidarity was how he spent the majority of his trip; however, Paul says that he was anything but alone. He had plenty of followers and supporters that met up with him on the way and cheered him on. During the journey, Paul suffered a fall and an injury, which he later found out was a double fracture in his wrist. Quitting wasn’t an option for him. He found himself two days away from the nearest village, but kept on and pushed through the pain. He was met with a group of his loved ones at the finish line to celebrate the end of this incredible journey. By completing this trip, Paul is the first to ever travel the entire Ottawa River on a SUP.  A huge accomplishment.

Paul Gauvreau

Paddleboard Journey

Drone shot of Paul

The Vessel

The Paddle Bateau is the undisputed king of recreational paddle vessels. It’s a super stable and versatile platform used for stealth fishing the flats and marshes that can be custom rigged with rod holders, cooler, and bungee gear tie downs to your specs. The Bateau is also perfectly suited for long camping, surfing, and fishing excursions all wrapped in one. Go ahead and load all your gear on this board, and put it to the test. It can handle it! Paul needed a board that could handle his adventure, and the paddle Bateau was the perfect choice. Ian Balding designed the Bateau for adventure, so stay tuned for more to come!

Ian Balding Bateau

The Paddle Bateau

That’s A Wrap!

Paul’s journey is visually shown in the video above. It includes footage that he captured throughout the process. We’re honored to have worked with Paul to build the perfect SUP for his mission. Here at Ian Balding Paddle & Surf, we specialize in custom boards that are perfect for the adventures you desire. Our boards take you places. If you are interested to learn more about Paul’s journey, check out his website! Check out the Paddle Bateau on our website!


Ian Balding

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