Hardcore Training for Serious Paddlers

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Ian Balding Blunt Needle Race Board

Chris Curry winning a race on the Blunt Needle

Exceeding in paddleboard competitions takes hardcore training! Like any mainstream sport, to excel in paddling, you need to train, condition, and train some more. Getting to the podium is no easy accomplishment, and it is getting increasingly more difficult in the Wrightsville Beach and Wilmington Community. From organizations like the Wrightsville Beach Outrigger Canoe Club to the Wrightsville SUP Junior Elite Paddle Team, the sport locally has magnificent driving forces behind it to break its own records and set new ones for the world.

Speaking of local magnificent forces, The Carolina Cup is one of the biggest races in the US, and we are extremely fortunate to have it in our very own backyard!  Paddlers come from all over the world to compete in the race. Needless to say, competition is taken to a whole new level.  Racers are competing against the top competitors in the world!  Getting on the podium is harder than ever, therefore it takes dedication and long hours of training to make it to the top!

Training with a mission

Not only is training hard important, but having the right board is what makes the difference. Theses days racers are training on the fastest boards they can get their hands on.  We make a lot of those boards that have won the races, and provided top results!  Check out our raceboards on our website for more information on our different board models!  And finally, if you cant get enough of paddling in the daylight, check out PaddleMonster.com in the evening to get access to the highest level of training programs available in the industry. WARNING: If you intend to join the Paddle Monster community, be ready to take your paddle ability to the next level. This company, along with many others, are based here in the South Eastern United States Region.

Support locally based businesses to build your community and in turn, enjoy paddling the best custom surf and paddle boards on the market while completing professional grade training exercises with the best of community friends and family.  Contact us at Ian Balding Paddle and Surf for more information and help on getting to the podium!


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