Gearing For Summer: East Coast

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With temps in the 80’s and the humidity starting to crank, I’d say summer is upon us.  Having a long winter and virtually no spring has left many scrambling to look for the buried board shorts under the pile of sweaters.  This is the time to make sure you’re ready for a summer on the water.

Having the right gear is crucial to enjoying yourself in, on, or around the water this year.  Let’s tackle the most important pieces first, your swimwear.  Board shorts to bikinis, companies have been firing out the newest and most creative gear this summer.  Hurley introduced its popular Phantom in a “Fuse 3” model, made with recycled materials and boasting a 60% stretch.  On the other hand, Frankie’s Bikinis has crushed it with the introduction of the retro style Venice bottoms (which speaks for itself).  Making sure to choose the right pieces of swimwear for style, fit, and function will be your biggest decision this summer.

Highlighting some other summer must haves, be sure to get: waterproof sunscreen (not spray on), polarized sunglasses (electrics or spyware), a sick cooler (6-pack sized), and of course a couple summer boards (short, long, and paddle).

Whatever you do this summer, be sure you got the right stuff to enjoy it the right way! Get out, get wet, get happy!

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