East Coast Surfing

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Did you know that New Jersey was the first place surfing was introduced to on the east coast of America? Surprising, right… well this is a shout to all those surfers born and bread here on the east coast. It’s not that we get a bad rep (well maybe northerners do), but when it comes to surfing I feel like the eastern coast is often overlooked. From as north as Maine all the way down to Florida, there are great breaks all over. So keep doing us proud all you east coast surfers! And in the meanwhile check out some of these sick shots from our most recent swell here in, Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina.

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  1. Josh Bolton

    “From as north as Massachusetts”… didn’t Drawing Lines teach you anything?!?!:) There are great waves all the way up the coast. Rye on the Rocks in New Hampshire and Higgins Beach in Maine, just to name a few (as well as Nova Scotia and points north).

  2. Ian Balding

    Good Point, Ill make a note…thanks!

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