Colonial Cup Finishes

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colonial cup sup board

Innovation is the name of the game. It is what drives us forward and forces us to evaluate what works, and what doesn’t. Some innovations stand the test of time while others fail immediately. We know we have designed a board that will be a trend setter for all of those in our wake. This board has all of the good and none of the bad. Its light, quick, strong, and maneuverable.

This board is the Needle sup race board model.

Build it in a 12’6, 14 footer, or go bigger for the unlimited class. Either way, it is the board you need under your feet to make that step onto the podium.  Do you still believe that the pop out you bought off the rack last year suits you better than what we can build for you? Maybe you need to talk to some of the top finishers at this past weekends Colonial Cup that was held in New Bern! These guys train hard, and we strive to build the boards that reflect that.

All finishing on various dimensions of the Needle was Wes Stolp in 2nd and Harrison Deisroth in 4th in the 11-mile race. 3rd and 4th to Eric Carter and Kenneth Bowman, respectively, in the 6-mile race, and then 2nd to Campbell Carter in the 3-mile race!

Communication with our racers is what keeps us on top and we are PROUD to be the designers and builders behind the passion of these racers.



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