Choosing a Board for Surf Travel

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Summer doldrums interrupted by the occasional feathery swell can make us all a bit salty when we think about the lack of recent surf sessions. When daily checks of your preferred forecasting website yield nothing but the same old dismal results, one cannot help but to get online and see what flights are going where. The surf travel season is coming up and, being properly prepared for a trip is crucial for success.

One can only push the limits of a standard short board so far…Overhead: yes, Couple feet overhead: potentially, Double overhead: nope..

There is a lot to consider when you’re thinking about the board you need for travel. Location of wave, wave form, and of course, your own skill. When the wave size starts to push the limits of a surfers threshold, we think about paddle power and duck diving. We want enough volume under the chest to paddle fast but also need to be able to duck dive deep enough so we’re not detonated on by the lip.

As a general rule of thumb when considering your step up, add a little rocker, thin the tail, consider changing up the bottom contour slightly, and by all means, glass ’em thick! Designing your step-up is something you want to be picky about because lets be honest, you want to have faith in the board that you are pushing your limits on.

If this all seems a bit beyond your scope of expertise, come talk to us. The team at Ian Balding Paddle and Surf will help you design the board you’ve been dreaming of. We’ll explain the dynamics of board shapes and designs and help you decide exactly what you want.


PHOTO: Clark Little

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