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Best Surfboard For Beginners

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Got the surfing bug? So you caught your first wave and you are stoked on surfing!  Or maybe you just stumbled across a surf mag laying around a friends house and you just couldn’t pry your eyes from the pages. However it happened for you, you’ve been bitten by the bug, and like most who’ve… Read more »

New Years Surfing Resolution

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2017 is here and you’re either back at work or in school, or both. Hopefully you’ve taken the time to come up with an achievable new years resolution. If your resolution includes surfing or paddling more, we would like to help you with that goal!! For us, each new year brings us new ideas of… Read more »

Colonial Cup Finishes

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Innovation is the name of the game. It is what drives us forward and forces us to evaluate what works, and what doesn’t. Some innovations stand the test of time while others fail immediately. We know we have designed a board that will be a trend setter for all of those in our wake. This… Read more »

Choosing a Board for Surf Travel

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  Summer doldrums interrupted by the occasional feathery swell can make us all a bit salty when we think about the lack of recent surf sessions. When daily checks of your preferred forecasting website yield nothing but the same old dismal results, one cannot help but to get online and see what flights are going… Read more »