A Long Distance Paddleboard Adventure Down the Ottawa River

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Adventure with a twist No distance is too far for Paul Gauvreau, who ventured on a long distance paddleboard journey of 800 miles over the course of 42 days. Paul conquered the entire Ottawa River with his paddleboard, all the supplies needed, and a hunger for adventure. Paul’s family had a history of venturing the… Read more »

How to choose the right Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP)

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  Choosing the right stand up paddleboard (SUP) can be overwhelming considering there are so many types of boards these days!  And lets face it, paddleboards are not cheap, so choosing the right board for your needs is important.  The first thing you will need to figure out is what you would like to do… Read more »

2017 Carolina Surf Film Festival

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   The 2017 Carolina Surf Film Festival will be held in beautiful Wilmington N.C., October 13-14, at  Watermans Brewing Company. The festival will have something for everyone, including surf films, craft beer,  delicious food, giveaway prizes, music, and more! If you’ve never been to Watermans Brewing Company you’re in for a treat. Watermans Brewing recently opened and is ready… Read more »

Advantages of a shortboard

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There are many advantages of a shortboard when compared to other surfboard designs, such as fun boards and longboards. Known for their speed and maneuverability, shortboards always stand out. Although small in size, they make up for it in other ways with what they provide the surfer.  As a result, these boards pack a punch… Read more »

Airstream – From Boutique Retail Store to Vintage Glamping Trailer

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Airstream Transformation If glamorous camping is your thing, then you need to check out our vintage Airstream airbnb glamping experience, as seen on TV!  The Airstream has been known as our boutique retail store seen at local surf and paddleboard events, showcasing our custom boards, apparel, and accessories. So many people asked about the Airstream… Read more »

Hurricane Irma Coming Your Way?

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  The thought of hurricane Irma coming our way is more than concerning.  It’s safe to say that the majority of the country is anxious on what it’s damage could be. Hurricane Irma has already been called “one of the most powerful Atlantic hurricanes ever”. It’s rumored that it could possibly create a new level… Read more »

2017 Hurricane Season

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Hurricane season is known for bringing large swells to our coasts. Surfers crave this time of the year, as it’s perfect for catching a great wave. The season runs from June to the end of November. Although it has been a pretty calm season thus far, all of that has changed in the past few… Read more »

The Colonial SUP 2017

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The 6th annual Colonial SUP event will be taking place this weekend (August 26th) in New Bern, NC. This year the event will be featuring a few different courses with four awards to be presented at the end. The courses include a distance course that’s a triangle-shaped course of about 4 miles in length, a quick… Read more »

The 5th Annual Chucktown Showdown

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The 5th annual Chucktown Showdown race in Charleston, SC is right around the corner. Mark it on your calendar for September 16th! The race will benefit Surfers Healing of Folly Beach, South Carolina. The SUP event includes three separate races: The Harbor Course (9 miles), The Battery Course (4 miles), and The Kids SUP Race (1… Read more »

Sea Paddle NYC 2017

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    What is the Sea Paddle NYC? The Sea Paddle NYC is a worldwide SUP charity event that serves as the Surfers’ Environmental Alliance primary fundraiser. The 25-mile race was established in 2007 and takes place in one of the largest cities of the world, New York City. The race includes both Prone and… Read more »

River Surfing on a Tuna

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River surfing made possible River surfing on a Tuna is Each board is for adrenaline junkies! And when surfing river waves, each board could tell its on story.  From the waves it glides on, to the rider, all factors come together to give it character. We build our boards to tell the story you wish,… Read more »

Hardcore Training for Serious Paddlers

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Exceeding in paddleboard competitions takes hardcore training! Like any mainstream sport, to excel in paddling, you need to train, condition, and train some more. Getting to the podium is no easy accomplishment, and it is getting increasingly more difficult in the Wrightsville Beach and Wilmington Community. From organizations like the Wrightsville Beach Outrigger Canoe Club… Read more »

Border Crossing…on a SUP

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  Ever thought about border crossing on a paddleboard? Probably not. The boundaries of extreme sports these days are being pushed to limits never even thought possible less than a decade ago. From big wave surfing to moto surfing, the dreams and accomplishments of these extreme athletes are tremendous. In pursuit of following the wake of… Read more »

Ocean Lover Personal Safety

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As the spring season approaches, some beach goers are beginning to wonder if this season will bring about as many shark encounters as we’ve seen in the recent past. From black and white color schemed boards and suits to electronic deterrent devices, there are legitimate worries that entrepreneurs and scientist alike are trying to put to… Read more »

New Years Surfing Resolution

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2017 is here and you’re either back at work or in school, or both. Hopefully you’ve taken the time to come up with an achievable new years resolution. If your resolution includes surfing or paddling more, we would like to help you with that goal!! For us, each new year brings us new ideas of… Read more »

An ancient practice being revived

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Canoes. These primitive forms of waterway travel were once an integral part of survival in coastal communities since the dawn of time. Hollowed out tree trunks served as a fishing vessel, hunting vehicle, and human transportation. This age old practice is now being looked at in a new light. Canoe paddling is now seen as… Read more »

Colonial Cup Finishes

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Innovation is the name of the game. It is what drives us forward and forces us to evaluate what works, and what doesn’t. Some innovations stand the test of time while others fail immediately. We know we have designed a board that will be a trend setter for all of those in our wake. This… Read more »

Team up for a Paddle Boarding coastal clean up!

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Paddle Boarding Coastal Clean Up   We love seeing news like the story in the link below. A company whose success depends on the quality of our oceans, beaches, and weaves, Brent Allen Outdoors, working closing with the organization on the forefront of the ocean conservation battle, Surfrider Foundation. After a few training sessions, a… Read more »

Custom Board Building

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Custom board building is a very unique experience for not only us as the craftsmen, but for the surfer with the vision. Some people come to us with a very specific deign for the board, while others give us the creative freedom to do as we please with just a little input. Sometimes people bring… Read more »

Is Your Surfboard Right For You?

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Is Your Surfboard Right For You?   When you take a second to look at your board, what do you think about it? Do you think its a cool shape that rides well for you.. ..or.. do you think that its a master crafted extension of your creative mind? Did you grab it off the… Read more »

The Masonboro Bateau

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The Masonboro Bateau vessel                       We unveiled the latest project, The Masonboro Bateau, at the Carolina Cup and had great feedback!!  The paddle powered vessel equipped with music, cup holders, dry bag/cooler, fishing poles holders,  and phone holder gave the Bateau an even greater custom… Read more »

Tribute To Wooden Boards: Balsa Guns

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A tribute to surfings heritage. Balsa guns were built and ridden back in the day by big wave surfers and craftsmen like Pat Curren on the very first forays into the unknown at big wave spots like Waimea and Makaha. The technique of hand chambering each section of the board prior to finishing shaping was… Read more »

In The News

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If you have not heard already, a nine-foot female great Great White shark washes up at Crystal Pier this week.  We know they are out there but it was quite unusual to see one wash up at Wrightsville Beach.  It seems like it has been one of those years.  Shark attacks in North Carolina, Mick Fanning attacked… Read more »

Reflecting On The Holidays

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Thanksgiving weekend is the official start to the Holiday season.  How did you spend your Holiday weekend?  Here in Southeastern North Carolina, I would have to speak for us all…It was one of the most epic, I have seen in years.  Perfect weather, waves, family and friends all coming together to celebrate and reflect on… Read more »

A Wetsuit Time Of Year

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The temperatures dropped quite a bit this week here in Southeastern North Carolina this week.  Time to start thinking about a new Wetsuit or pull yours out from the back of the closet.  Your local Surf Shop or Surfline’s 2015 Wetsuit Buyers guide is a great place to start shopping for that new wetsuit.  There are a… Read more »

This Just Happened

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November 16th. Neoprene, much like polyurethane for surfboards, has been an integral part of the surf experience for decades. Today, Patagonia announced it figured out a way around it. “Neoprene is nasty stuff, but for a long time we had no alternative,” said Patagonia’s Hub Hubbard. The press release goes onto say that the new suits will reduce traditional neoprene C02… Read more »

Fall Swell In The Water

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There has been a nice little run of waves here in Southeastern North Carolina.  Plenty of gliding going on the last couple days.  The crew here at the shop was on it and everyone scored some fun waves.  Warm air temperatures, great winds and warm water makes for some good times.  This is by far… Read more »

2015 Surf To Sound Challenge

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  Big weekend of racing here in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina this weekend, November 6th-8th.  The 2015 Surf To Sound is happening at the Blockade Runner beach resort.  There will be eventsgoing on all three days.  Come by our tent on Saturday the 7th between 8am – 4pm to order your next paddle or surfboard and take advantage of our… Read more »

Custom Board Fall Sale In Progress

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Our 2015 Fall Sale is in progress.  Get 10% off a Custom Surfboard or Standuppaddle board.  If you’ve been thinking about a new surf or SUP board, now is the time.  Go custom and get what you are looking for.  Be unique and stand out from the crowd on equipment that’s built just for you! #JustAddWater

Can you have a single board quiver?

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You can try to have one magic board that will make surfing fun in every type of condition… but truth be told; you will never find that magic board. Let’s say you shortboard- chances are, most days its going to be around waist high (if we’re lucky, eh East Coasters). Your typical grovler is going… Read more »

What’s New in the Shop?

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  To meet the demands of our ever growing customer base, Ian Balding Paddle & Surf has recently expanded. The shop has grown, with many key additions to help increase production- while still maintaining the highest quality. The shop is now equipped with separate glassing, shaping, and sanding rooms. Additionally, many new drying racks have… Read more »

Gearing For Summer: East Coast

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With temps in the 80’s and the humidity starting to crank, I’d say summer is upon us.  Having a long winter and virtually no spring has left many scrambling to look for the buried board shorts under the pile of sweaters.  This is the time to make sure you’re ready for a summer on the… Read more »

Sweetwater Boys Defend the Mid-Atlantic Title

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This past weekend, Kitty Hawk, NC saw eleven of the Mid-Atlantic’s strongest surf shop teams compete in Oakley’s Surf Shop Challenge.  With the sun shining and temperatures in the 70’s, the weather was picture perfect. However, chilly water and an inconsistent 1-3 foot swell made competition for the teams difficult; ultimately, the team with the… Read more »

Another Stoked Customer, Buccaneer’s Kicker, Connor Barth

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Connor Barth, kicker for the Buccaneers, will be heading out on the water with a new custom Epic Race board at 14 feet tall. After rupturing his achilles tendon, Conner came across the world of stand up paddling. As a great way to lightly start the rehabilitation process, Conner is now spending more time in… Read more »

The DR Surf Hut

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  Click on the video above to see some footage from a recent trip to the Dominican Republic, where we stayed in Benny B.’s well know surf hut on the north coast of the island. We explored every water sport we could during the 9 days spent there, such as kite surfing, stand up paddling,… Read more »

“Surf-Bathing” According to Mark Twain

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During my usual stumble through Surfer Magazine’s website, I found a great article by Rob Gilley about Mark Twain’s novel, Rouging It. We all know Mark Twain, mainly due to the forced reads by our high school literature teachers of Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer, but Roughing It has some how not made it on… Read more »

Surviving a Flat Winter Season

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  A nice winter get away to somewhere warm and tropical is always desired for those of us who have spent this cold, brutal winter covered in snow and ice. I am fortunate enough to be heading to the Dominican Republic with 3 guys, here from Wilmington, NC and meeting a handful of others there… Read more »

Surf To Sound Race 2013

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This weekend the annual Surf to Sound Race will be held it Wrightville Beach, NC. The paddlers will start in the ocean, paddle through the inlet, down the sound, and back to the starting point, completing 13 miles!! Then on Sunday  the SUP surf contest takes place, it will be an exciting weekend and definitely… Read more »

Quiver What??

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Share with us your quiver!! We all get stoked about something whether it be a collection of boards or a series of artwork you find inspirational….show us! To help get the ball going here is a few of ours… Boards Buds Wood Wood… Oh and more wood…

Anatomy of a Swell: Hurricane Sandy

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It has already been a year since Sandy created some of the best swells the East coast has seen and also left towns in shambles. Surfline put together a great recollection of the storm, touching on both the destruction and the stoke the storm brought. Check it out here>>http://www.surfline.com/surf-news/anatomy-of-a-swell-hurricane-sandy_103504/

Fall Sale!!

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Fall is upon us, which means cooler weather, more waves, and goodbye to the Summer crowds. It also means custom Surfboard and SUP savings!! $200 off your next custom SUP order and $100 off of any custom surfboard order!! Hurry… the first two orders get a BONUS- handmade, Cypress and Walnut bodysurfing handplane!!

ESPN 30 for 30 Eddia Aikau

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    For those of you who missed last nights 30 for 30 special on ESPN, they showcased someone from the sport of surfing…Eddi Aikau. Who could have been a better choice, right? It was a great documentary that summed up Eddie’s life, touching on all of his amazing accomplishments, including him being one of… Read more »