An ancient practice being revived

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Team Wa'a training in waters off of Hawaii Island

Canoes. These primitive forms of waterway travel were once an integral part of survival in coastal communities since the dawn of time. Hollowed out tree trunks served as a fishing vessel, hunting vehicle, and human transportation. This age old practice is now being looked at in a new light.

Canoe paddling is now seen as the latest competitive water sport and one of the greatest forms of endurance training. Singles, or teams, will paddle for hours on end in an effort to achieve a healthy states of both mind and body. As defined by Doc Paskowitz, health is not just the absence of illness but it is achieving a higher level of self preservation and awareness of ones surrounding.

This is certainly a goal of the men and women who wake before the sun to train, and paddle into dusk at the days end. The sport of outrigger canoe paddling in not specific to the Pacific. A few of these 6 men ocean canoes have made their way into Wrightsville waters. The paddlers here are training hard and the sports competitiveness is growing.

Too see more about the RedBull outrigger ocean canoe paddling, see the Red Bull Outrigger Canoe Team and learn what they are really about.

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