Advantages of a shortboard

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There are many advantages of a shortboard when compared to other surfboard designs, such as fun boards and longboards. Known for their speed and maneuverability, shortboards always stand out. Although small in size, they make up for it in other ways with what they provide the surfer.  As a result, these boards pack a punch with their ability to cut through waves seamlessly with tight turns and vertical mobility. Shortboard surfboards are normally ridden by intermediate to expert surfers who have some experience. Usually recognized for having a pointed nose and three fins, however these options may vary. Due to their speedy nature, a shortboard often requires steeper, larger and more powerful waves, hence the need for a more advanced rider.

Choosing the right shortboard design

We’ve talked about the advantages of a shortboard, now its time to talk design.. The team at Ian Balding Paddle & Surf, can help point out the advantages of the different shortboard models.  We want to help you find the one that perfectly fits your style. There are lots of great choices, however we want to highlight a few of our favorites! One of our most popular boards is The Tuna model with the traditional fish outline.  The Tuna board provides a modern blend on a traditional design, and will be great for smaller summer surf to overhead storm surf.  Another great design is our Evolution model, which truly sticks to its name, and is built to perform. The Evolution has evolved from Wayne Lynch’s 60’s “shortboard” and now offers a fresh feel. Finally,  The SaltBox is designed to harness the hydrodynamic theory behind Bob Simmons’ boards from the late 50’s mixed with a contemporary touch. The Saltbox is designed to catch waves with ease like a fish and perform like a high-performance shortboard. Whatever board you choose, we know you will have a fun ride!

To see other shortboard designs checkout our website Ian Balding Paddle and Surf  offers a variety of shortboard models, which all vary immensely in shape and style. We have many options within the shortboard designs, and having one custom designed for your specs will make a huge difference. At Ian Balding Paddle & Surf, we design and refine each board individually to meet the needs of their owner.  Why buy a pop out when you can have a board custom made just for you??  Reach out to us today to get started on a custom board made just for you!

Ian Balding Tuna Custom Surfboard


Ian Balding Evolution custom surfboard


Ian Balding Salt Box custom surfboard



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