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Ian's Story

Ian Balding's passion for the ocean started at a young age. A few old copies of surfer magazine at his uncle's house were all it took to ignite the fire. Since then his life has literally revolved around the ocean. If Ian wasn't in the ocean surfing, he was out body surfing, body boarding, fishing, boating, wake surfing, you name it. His love for the life aquatic naturally led to studying, and ultimately building, shaping, and glassing his own unique surf craft.

After years of living back and forth from coast to coast Ian now calls Southeastern NC home. He's spent years surfing the beaches of the North Carolina outer banks barrier islands, and living and working specifically in Wilmington. Ian's work originally consisted of foam surfboards and paipo boards made for himself and a few friends, but evolved into much more with his delves into Balsa and other wood board constructions as well.  His simple mission to create boards that fit the way he envisioned riding waves and paddling has turned into a life's work.

An undying spirit of adventure and a life-long love for travel has no doubt fueled the fire for his continued design evolutions for all types of conditions. Ian has spent 32 years surfing, and a couple decades designing and building boards of all types, because he loves living the simple ocean lifestyle each and every day.


However, Ian's love for wood surfboards and environmental sensibilities kept his hands in the material almost exclusively for over ten years. He's always been a believer in trying to lessen his environmental impact by using the renewable resource of wood. Ian uses only responsibly managed wood products and gives back by making sure trees are planted in replacement of the materials he uses. That being said, he spends much time and effort selecting the woods used in his surfboards. Constantly searching for greener materials for the construction of his boards, Ian is always testing new materials for shaping and glassing.

Ian's passion however, is not exclusive to wood surfboards. He builds all of his boards, whether wood,foam,surf, or paddle boards, with the same attention to detail. Apart from shaping, Ian's life-long background in carpentry, and art allow him to build all of his boards with the skillful techniques of old world craftsmanship. Ian's goal is simply to blend your boards natural aesthetics, with artistic embellishment, and performance into a fully functional piece of art for you to enjoy.

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