2017 Hurricane Season

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Hurricane season is known for bringing large swells to our coasts. Surfers crave this time of the year, as it’s perfect for catching a great wave. The season runs from June to the end of November. Although it has been a pretty calm season thus far, all of that has changed in the past few weeks. At our local Wrightsville Beach, we had 5 foot waves just the other week, and the shore was lined with wave enthusiasts. In conditions like this, it’s even more important to have a reliable board under your feet. Here at Ian Balding Paddle and Surf, we specialize in custom boards that are perfromance driven and ready for catching some big waves!  Our longboard models would be perfect for the season!  Our Cruise Control and Log Jam designs are the two we feature. They give you a smooth ride, making it easy to catch a wave, and a seamless connection to the water!  Give us a call or email us, and we can get one started for you!  Check us out at www.ianbalding.com.


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