My goal is simple… To make boards that provide a seamless connection to the wave.  The rider and the board should flow together as a single unit. As if the board were an extension of the riders body. I am a board builder, not just a shaper. Meaning, other than the first and most essential part of the equation, the shape, I also create the aesthetic through the art of glassing the boards in house. Each board is proudly made in NC … I pride myself on designing and building boards that work, from our local beaches to reefs, points, and sandbars around the world.

Just as I do for our surfboard riders, I look to build your paddleboard to be your own personal connection to the water. Whether you’re traditional prone paddling, or stand up paddling, and whether you’re interested in one of our stock designs, or working with us to design a truly unique custom, we have a design to get you where you want to be. I take pride in the fact that our customers know what it’s like to paddle on the cutting edge and lead the herd, not follow it.

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